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There are many qualities which contribute to someone’s sense of well-being and overall peace of mind. Yet one, which may very well be the most significant, is often the one least recognized; and that is the act of giving someone your attention.  Paying your attention to another bestows them Being-ness. A sense of being seen. 

Attention reminds us that we are here…that we matter. It is the quality which puts us into relationship with others. Many of us grow up craving attention. We are brought up in the shadow of such “truisms” as “Children are to be seen and not heard.” In effect, not being there is considered a virtue. So we don’t rock the boat, we disappear.

Things lacking attention eventually, slowly and sometimes imperceptibly, disappear. 

The participants and staff at ECHO are grateful for your attention. The generosity contained in your financial gifts, as well as useful supplies such as arts and crafts and puzzles for our participants, and even basic housekeeping necessities, are a constant reminder to them that they matter, that they have someone’s attention. 

This Holiday Season, we take a moment to focus our attention on you and to express our appreciation for all the good you do…simply by paying attention.