15 Feb Ripples.

The effects of the global health pandemic continue to have new and broad reaching ripples we discover almost every day.  However, it is important to remember that for our community of adults with disabilities, these ripples are felt in an entirely different way.  While we all have...

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21 Dec Attention

There are many qualities which contribute to someone’s sense of well-being and overall peace of mind. Yet one, which may very well be the most significant, is often the one least recognized; and that is the act of giving someone your attention.  Paying your attention to...

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19 Nov Meet Our Hero of the Month

We’d like you to get to know ECHO’s hero of the month because, like most true heroes, the hero of the month probably doesn’t recognize that in themselves. We spend a great deal of time in our country talking about “front-line” heroes, and heroes who...

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15 Oct Communication

As you read this it may seem as if you and ECHO are in some state of Communication. ECHO is sending out something and you are reacting to it. But is that actually communication? And, if not, why isn’t it, and what would turn it...

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Motor skill and brain development exercise

29 Jul Fun and Games, with a Purpose

A great deal of thought and planning goes into the activities of Life day support. While sometimes the activities seem random they are designed with a purpose as demonstrated by the brief description that follows… A participant holds two oversized yellow foam dice. With a staff...

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Social distancing

23 Jun A Thought on Social Distancing

For so many of us, it’s a new concept, staying six feet from everyone around us. But for many of our ECHO participants, being kept at a distance by others is what they have always experienced. Whether living in institutions isolated from the community at...

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23 Jun Barriers

This morning a small box turtle was on the side of the road in Sterling. He (or she) was facing the curb, and as most turtles are not climbers, a clear path to a safe place off the road was not evident at that moment. A...

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ECHO Academy vocational training

05 Jun Giving Information

A young grade school girl comes home and asks her mother: “Mommy, where did I come from?” The mother is quite flustered and surprised that the inevitable question came so early in life. Having been asked though, she proceeds to “have the talk” as openly...

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