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BlueElegance by ECHO – Blue Elegance is a line of jewelry crafted by our ECHO participants, Asadults with disabilities. Blue Elegance is part of ECHO, a nonprofit that offers lifelong support for adults with disabilities. We provide skill-building, job placement, day support and transportation. Our services empower individuals to be active members of the community. Click here to visit our online store.

The ECHO Enterprises Bakery, located at 20630 Ashburn Road, Ashburn, VA, is a working bakery producing world-class homemade artisanal dog biscuits. The biscuits are available at mid-Atlantic Whole Foods stores under the name “Just Rewards for Dogs” and will soon be available through a home delivery subscription service under the name “ECHO Barkery”. The majority of the bakers are ECHO participants and are learning the appropriate vocational skills necessary through the ECHO Academy.

ECHO Barkery is a brand new bakery located in Ashburn, Virginia, owned by ECHO and operated by our participants, ECHO Barkery makes delicious gourmet dog biscuits available from the bakery or at Whole Foods supermarkets. Visit for more information.

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