Hire trained, dependable contract workers who are responsive to your business needs, highly motivated, and consistent in their ability to produce and meet deadlines. For over 40 years, ECHO has provided northern Virginia government agencies and businesses with customized staffing solutions and contract employees who carry out a variety of support services on-site.

Individual supported employment

ECHO also offers Individual Supported Employment (ISE) to assist participants secure employment through coaching, individualized support and training. ISE is a powerful and flexible way to create employment opportunities, ensure regular employment benefits, provide ongoing support and achieve full participation and integration into the workforce and the community at large.

Individuals in the program are assigned a job coach to assist with the employment process from start to finish. This involves assessing the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and job interests and assisting with skill-building, resume writing, job applications, and job interviews. Once in the workplace, the job coach helps with learning the various job responsibilities. As the individual becomes more familiar with the position the job coach fades and only provides services as needed to ensure the success of the individual and business partnership.

For more information or directions contact us at (703) 779-2100 or info@echoworks.org.

Group Supported Employment

ECHO’s Group Supported Employment program provides participants the opportunity to work in an environment that allows for maximum interaction in the community and among various businesses, with job coaching support.

For more information or directions contact Zanelle Nichols at zanellen@echoworks.org.

Why Hire Us

ECHO provides our business partners with:

  • A flexible, skilled and reliable workforce. Choose from a range of contract services to meet your company’s needs at a cost effective and fair market price.
  • On-site or off-site business support. Our experienced work teams include supervisors/trainers who can function as an extension of your own workforce and operate like a business within your business.
  • Lean, efficient production lines. Scale your workforce to your business needs.
  • Hiring and training. Free up HR staff by having us select, train and manage your contract workforce.
  • Quality control and inspection. ECHO monitors productivity, quality and deadlines to meet your needs.
  • Central location and an extensive transportation system. Our workers arrive when you need them.