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Fun and Games, with a Purpose

A great deal of thought and planning goes into the activities of Life day support. While sometimes the activities seem random they are designed with a purpose as demonstrated by the brief description that follows…

A participant holds two oversized yellow foam dice. With a staff member by her side coaching, she rolls them. The staff member holds them up while the participant calls out the numbers rolled. The participant adds them, or subtracts, or multiplies. She receives a round of applause for the answer. A line of participants behind her wait their turn to play. This is a game called Roll the Dice, ECHO-style.

We play a lot of games in the LIFE day support program. Hangman, Name that Tune, word searches, balloon volleyball, and Uno are a few favorites. Many games have a learning element—reading, practicing motor skills, listening, matching. We may have a Just Dance video playing while everyone follows along, getting some exercise before snack. Life skills training in areas like hygiene are more memorable when a funny song or phrase is incorporated in the lesson. LIFE is a fun place to be, and while employment is a goal for some, day support participants have meaningful days centered on whatever objectives are important to them. Sprinkling friendship, laughter, music, and fun throughout our daily activities is how we roll.