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Giving Information

A young grade school girl comes home and asks her mother: “Mommy, where did I come from?” The mother is quite flustered and surprised that the inevitable question came so early in life. Having been asked though, she proceeds to “have the talk” as openly and as candidly as possible. When she is done the mother says to her daughter; “There, do you have a better idea now as to where you came from?” The little answers; “No, not really, Peggy said she’s from Ohio.”
At ECHO we have what is called The Academy. The Academy is a learning and training resource in which individuals are assessed for real world skills and trained in one of a variety of fields for which they may be suited. At the end of the process the individual is better prepared for the work in the private sector which lay ahead.
ECHO staff do not assume to know what the individual is capable of doing without first asking the right questions and providing the training for which the individual is well suited and for which he/she has an aptitude.
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