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Meet Our Hero of the Month

We’d like you to get to know ECHO’s hero of the month because, like most true heroes, the hero of the month probably doesn’t recognize that in themselves. We spend a great deal of time in our country talking about “front-line” heroes, and heroes who run “into” dangerous places instead of “away from” dangerous places.  Our cell phones and the media are always at the ready to show us good Samaritans doing extraordinary things.

ECHO’s hero of the month is a little camera shy and probably isn’t too keen on running into burning buildings or sites of explosions. In fact, our Hero of the Month probably still doesn’t recognize who they truly are to us. 

What makes our Hero of the Month truly a hero?  They are heroic because he/she spends their entire day taking care of others.  Every single moment is devoted to the care and well-being of another.  And not only in the practical things, but in the harder to define:  our heroes make those they care for feel safe and secure. 

Yet you can almost hear the groan of “Stop it now, you’re embarrassing me…” Our hero takes that last bit of energy of the day, steals one minute out of the five left to them, and remembers to write that check that will make a very big impact in the daily life of another. 

So take a moment, get up, and walk over to the closest mirror…to meet ECHO’s hero of the month…

It’s YOU. 

Thank you.