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Record Surpassed – Charities Benefit


On May 15th, ECHO was again a participant and recipient of the Dulles Greenway Drive For Charity Day.  This outstanding philanthropic one day event is in its’ ninth year of supporting five local charities, including ECHO.  By the end of the day, over 64,000 local drivers had chosen to drive the Dulles Greenway, donating $294,500 to charity.  The number of vehicles going through the toll booths in one day was an all time high record for the Dulles Greenway.  The success of the day was a result of the hard work of Terry Hoffman, Public & Customer Relations Manager for the Dulles Greenway, who arranged for day long promotions with various radio and television stations.  He also had representatives from each of the  charities working the tollbooths during the morning rush, giving out certificates and discounts from the many sponsors.  Thank you to Terry, the Dulles Greenway Corporation and all the drivers out there who chose to take the Greenway on May 15th.

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