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Reston Limousine and ECHO Begin Partnership to Employ Individuals with Disabilities

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership to employ individuals with disabilities – between Reston Limousine and Every Citizen Has Opportunities, Inc. (ECHO) in recognition of the community’s need to increase employability of people with significant disabilities. Reston Limousine and Travel Service Inc. operates one of the top 20 largest chauffeured fleets in the country and is metropolitan Washington’ D.C.’s largest provider of luxury transportation and government contract services. Reston Limousine is headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, making it an ideal location to serve individuals with disabilities from our Northern Virginia community.

Reston Limousine employs a crew of four individuals with disabilities and an ECHO supervisor to clean the interior and exterior of buses and limousines. The crew has become adept at the fast-paced work requiring a certain level of detail. Reston Limousine has over 200 vehicles, all of which require cleaning!

The partnership allows Reston Limousine staff to leverage their focus elsewhere, which is critical to such a fast-paced organization.

Giving back is key to the family-owned local business, as they wouldn’t be where they are today without supporting our local community. This is part of the reason that Reston Limousine continues to enjoy a sterling reputation for reliability, safety and customer service: Because they care.

ECHO is grateful for the partnership and hopes to further expand the employment of individuals with disabilities via the combined efforts of the two organizations.

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