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Adults with Disabilities are Feeling the Ripple Effects of this Global Pandemic


The effects of the global health pandemic continue to have new and broad reaching ripples we discover almost every day.  However, it is important to remember that for our community of adults with disabilities, these ripples are felt in an entirely different way.  While we all have things we’d like to do that are temporarily restricted by the pandemic, adults with disabilities feel the sense of deprivation and powerlessness much more frequently. 

There are the practical concerns:  There is always the risk that during a health emergency those with disabilities will find it harder to obtain much needed medical care and supplies as resources become scarce.  Another real concern, one that is no less important, is the social isolation and loneliness felt by those adults who are not able to join their friends and teachers and follow their everyday routine. 

We at ECHO have dedicated our lives to building these productive routines. Adults with disabilities are exactly like the rest of us: they want to work and make valuable contributions to our community: their notion of self-worth is based on what they can do for themselves. This is what we all want out of life – a measure of independence and purpose. 

This pandemic has taken a great deal from all of us, but almost more so from those that need us the most.  We are determined to continue to serve, but we fully admit the road back to full capacity at ECHO is long.  You have an opportunity to help us on our way on March 16th, 2021 Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties  Give Choose Day. Consider donating early (March 2nd– 15th) and follow along on March 16 throughout the 24-hours to see how we’re doing to meet our goals. We appreciate your support in any way you are able to offer it. SPREAD THE WORD! and let’s move towards a 2021 full of purpose.