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Today is Giving Tuesday! Help ECHO reach out to more people like these.

Giving Tuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. We invite you to join the movement and help out ECHO by giving today.

 came to ECHO over ten years ago, as a former CEO whose life changed forever after surviving a car crash and subsequent stroke. Greg has worked in increasing capacities at ECHO’s U.S. Department of Transportation Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division (DOT EFLHD) contract in Sterling, Virginia. He credits employment for learning to walk again, regaining speech, and becoming an increasingly valued team member, having been promoted several times and now providing leadership to others. Greg attributes his quality of life to the ECHO program.


David is an ECHO participant with a significant disability and exceptional character. He has overcome an extraordinarily challenging upbringing to become an integral member of ECHO.

David has been with ECHO for 15 years. His grounds keeping skills and strong work ethic have helped ECHO maintain its forty-plus year AbilityOne® contract with the Federal Aviation Administration. David has also worked at ECHO’s Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Good Shepherd Alliance worksites.

 has been with ECHO for 15 years and currently works at the Good Shepherd Alliance thrift store. Her hard work contributes to our community, as the Alliance provides services for the homeless and others in need through emergency and transitional housing and outreach services.

Alyson, the self-proclaimed “ECHO Spokeswoman”, has shown a remarkable passion for self-advocacy on a local level. In fact, her advocacy in 2017 significantly impacted the ability of ECHO to continue to serve the needs of its population. Alyson testified before the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on the need for additional funding. Speaking in front of politicians, the press and members of the public, she stated, “Hello my name is Alyson. I have had many jobs over the years including the YMCA Rec Center, Wegman’s, and Day Care Services. The last four years I have been with ECHO at Good Shepherd in Sterling helping needy families. I love the ECHO staff, and I would be lost without them. The staff is always there to support me.”

Give Back Today!

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