Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Paul Donohue, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is an accomplished leader, with more than 30 years in developing and executing strategy, team-building, change-management….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Zanelle Nichols

Chief Operating Officer

Petronella (Zanelle) Nichols leads a team of direct support staff and their supervisors as well as the fleet services including drivers and their supervisor….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

David E. Ives, CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

An enthusiastic, conscientious seasoned financial professional with integrity and proven expertise in financial management,….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Valerie Burton

Director of Day Support Services

As Director of Day Support, Valerie Burton ensures high-quality, person-centered services are provided in ECHO’s LIFE and LIFE+ Programs….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Kinta Carter

Director of Transportation Services

Kinta Carter is the Director of Fleet Services for ECHO Works, LLC. He is responsible for the overall safety of the participants and drivers to and from ECHO….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Lorri Murray

Director of Quality Improvement and Program Integrity

Lorri Murray has worked as part of ECHO’s management in various program service roles for 25 years.

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Bob Pizzimenti

Director of Development

Robert Pizzimenti is a veteran of the wireless communications industry. He has been a senior executive with both LM Ericsson of Sweden….

Photo of Paul Donohue Jr

Deidre Williams

Director of Human Resources

Deidre is a passionate human resources generalist committed to creating a consistent, fair, legal and fun place to work….