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ECHO Works for Offices

Optimize your business performance with ECHO’s Supported Employment program. ECHO provides our business partners with customized staffing solutions in mailroom management, direct mail, secure document management (shredding and scanning), and packaging.

Current clients include:

Inova Hospitals, Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Institute, U.S. Department of Transportation Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, Stryker Spine (formerly K2M), REHAU, Loudoun County Public Schools.

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ECHO Works for Operations

Leverage ECHO work crews for a range of functions, including manufacturing (assembly and disassembly), stocking, and warehousing.

Current clients include:

CIS Secure Computing, REHAU.

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ECHO Works for Facilities

Our motivated, experienced crews provide reliable, cost effective, safety-oriented grounds and hospitality solutions to businesses and government agencies. Since 1976, ECHO has been maintaining the grounds of the Federal Aviation Administration in Leesburg, VA, and has been recognized by the AbilityOne Program for decades with a Certificate of Achievement for outstanding performance. Our crews also dishwash, fold laundry, and hang clothes.

Current clients include:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Institute, Compass at the Oath Campus, Salamander Resort, Main Event Catering.

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ECHO Works for Families & Participants

There is a story behind every man and woman that becomes a part of the ECHO family. Through the support of their families and the caring members of the staffing agency at ECHO, each individual is able to overcome barriers to employment and community access and achieve their optimal levels of personal and economic growth through programs such as Supported Employment, L.I.F.E., Medically Fragile Day Support Program.

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ECHO Provides:

  • A flexible, skilled and reliable workforce. Choose from a range of contract services to meet your companys needs cost effective, at fair market price.
  • On-site or off-site business support. Our experienced work teams include supervisors/trainers who can function as an extension of your own workforce and operate like a business within your business.
  • Lean, efficient production lines. Scale your workforce to your business needs.
  • Hiring and training. Free up HR staff by having us select, train and manage your contract workforce.
  • Quality control and inspection. ECHO monitors productivity, quality and deadlines to meet your needs.
  • Central location and an extensive transportation system. Our workers arrive when you need them.
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