ECHO is a nonprofit that
offers lifelong support for
adults with disabilities.

Moving Forward Together

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Donate your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat to ECHO by simply completing the form and we’ll reach out to you to arrange the pick-up of your vehicle donation, at no cost to you!

Who We Are

The mission of ECHO is to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their optimal level of personal, social and economic success.

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“The kindness and generosity toward our son has been overwhelming. There is no greater gift for a person with disabilities than to be treated as an equal, one of the guys, a buddy. They have given our son an experience he’ll never forget…the kindest, most thoughtful people They constantly look for ways to include Tim.”


Ellen Crosby – Mother of Tim, an Echo participant

“We at Stryker Leesburg feel enormous pride watching these positive hardworking employees gain confidence in themselves, have a sense of accomplishment, and learn skills that can assist them socially and professionally. This program has become intertwined in our everyday life at Stryker Leesburg. Several friendships have been made with many smiles and hugs given. These employees provide meaningful work that is essential to our daily business success and we are grateful to be a part of this program. It is a privilege to support such a wonderful organization within our community. We also love to hear how much the employees love working for Stryker Leesburg.”


Rob Chiatello and Angie Dawson, Stryker Spine

“We evaluated workloads of different positions and picked out specific tasks that were basic and repetitive, but also vitally important. These tasks turned out to be a perfect opportunity for our ECHO team to take over and perform. They are huge contributors to the success of our department. They are fast, efficient and take pride in what they do. ECHO frees up other team members’ time to contribute to the support of science. In addition to how great they work, they have such a positive energy, and are excited every day to contribute to our team. This is a great influence and addition to our group.”


Janelia Research Campus

“We have a strong focus on diversity and acceptance and this partnership ties in well with those goals. One of my goals is to do more with ECHO. I would love to expand the partnership locally; I am working with ECHO and Eurest to open more doors for growth. I fully support that and my boss does as well.”


Mel McCombs, Verizon Media Dulles General Manager, Eurest, a subsidiary of Compass Group North America

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