ECHO Barkery was started in the heart of the Covid-19 pandemic to offer employment opportunities for the people that we support.  Today, we are making the best all-natural dog biscuits on the market.  We’ve created a nurturing, supportive environment where compassion meets craftsmanship.  The results of this are exceptional products for our favorite pets and a team of happily employed ECHO participants.  To make a purchase or to learn more about ECHO Barkery, please visit

Blue Elegance is Empowering Individuals For Life with the opportunities and artisan products that this program is creating. ECHO participants are making soy wax candles, jewelry, handmade soaps, hand-knitted hats and scarves, and paracord bracelets and dog collars. To see this program in action, come visit the retail store, which is located within ECHO’s headquarters in Leesburg or you can make a purchase at

Inclusive Solutions by ECHO is an enterprise that enables local businesses to help us Empower Individuals For Life by simultaneously creating employment opportunities for adults with disabilities while also completing essential tasks for their own business.  This team can be hired to complete administrative tasks such as box folding, sorting, light assembly, packaging, and many other necessary jobs.  Some of the benefits of hiring Inclusive Solutions by ECHO are:  using our services enables businesses to focus on their core competencies, you are promoting an inclusive work environment, and we can help you strengthen your brand.  For more information please visit