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As you read this it may seem as if you and ECHO are in some state of Communication. ECHO is sending out something and you are reacting to it. But is that actually communication? And, if not, why isn’t it, and what would turn it into communication?

It seems to us that communication is the exchange of information between at least two parties. If I say “hello” and you don’t say “hello” back we have had, at best, a partial or incomplete communication. Without a response to the initial “hello” there is no exchange; just a one-way flow.

There are many reasons why one would not choose to send back the second “hello”. It could be that the response might be “go away” or “leave me alone” and that may be deemed by the returning party as being too rude to transmit. Yet, such a response conveys an opinion that may be of value to the initiating party (in this case ECHO); or perhaps the response is “why are you saying hello to me in that tone of voice.” Not only is that a valid response but it provides information that something is being sent out which is not intended. Independently of the response, it is the act of responding in some fashion, which makes it a valid communication.

ECHO wants to be in communication with you…true communication. So we invite you to respond, positively, negatively, with a question…it truly doesn’t matter what the nature of your response may be, we want to hear it and incorporate it into our Mission.